Welcome to agenZy
We help you understand the youth


Old, more traditional organizations often struggle with the younger generation. That's why young people like us are needed to help with a new world of recruiting, to better market to Generation Z and to create products for young people that will actually be used and loved.

We help you build a connection to Generation Z and to arouse their enthusiasm for



We get to know the target
audience to better
understand their needs


We define the biggest
challenges of the audience


We come up with ideas and
potential solutions


We try out ideas and create


We test our prototypes for
effectiveness and, if
necessary, start again



We mainly work with medium-sized businesses and large corporations, but have also gained experience with small and local initiatives.

We help with advertising, product development and longterm strategies targetted specifically for the young generation.

a young audience requires a young product
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+49 711 40045781


Zeppelinstraße 61
70193 Stuttgart